Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hooked, Upper Thomson Road

Here's a shark vindaloo from Hooked, a seafood/fish based restaurant that's been operating for some time now at Upper Thomson (203 Upper Thomson Road). Not majorly excited since most of the dishes are fish based with the other seafood on the back burner in the department of variety. But I wouldn't write them off despite their overly pricey crayfish which was $12.50 a pop for a very regular looking single crayfish. I had honestly expected one more at least and what's with the bland black pepper butter? Not recommended at all.

Back to the main dish, I did find the shark vindaloo rather decent and mostly because of the tangy spicy vindaloo gravy that was appetizing. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough of that gravy to match that mound of rice that came with it. The tender shark meat tasted very much like another fish to me so, yeah, it was okay. It sure looked like there was more shark meat on the picture in menu though. I'm not too sure about what to feel about the place. That being said, I wouldn't mind giving the place another try another time.


Sophia Lee said...

yum. I'm plowing through your archives for good places to eat!

D said...

Happy Chinese New Year mate!

Dereth said...

Oh... I've visited Hooked at Rail Mall and it was a rather pleasant experience. We ordered the seafood platter. Everything was pretty good except... for the crayfish. Rather bland.

LiquidShaDow said...

Happy Chinese New Year D!

Service was pretty good at the Thomson outlet. Just thought that the food could have been better. I'll probably give them another try someday.