Friday, August 07, 2009

Morton's USDA Prime Burger

Morton's, usda prime burger

I was initially a little skeptical about how good a burger this might be at $30 even though it was Morton's, but I'd have to admit in retrospect that I was pretty impressed by their hefty 12 oz patty oozing with deep red juices from each bite. That being said, these guys have inched my expectations of a good burger up by at least a couple of notches. That much I can give them credit for. The options were simple here. A choice of doneness for the fine minced patty and one of three cheeses (blue, Cheddar or Swiss) to top it with. Everything else comes with it including a couple of strips of grilled bacon and sautéed onions. What didn't feel as hearty about it was that it lacked the coarse textures which made the meat feel a little refined. 

It seems that they're charging $5 less if you do your orders after 8p.m. so that's something to look out for if you're in the vicinity having dinner later than usual and willing to shell out some bucks for a man sized burger. Bar service is surprisingly poor in comparison with the restaurants. I thought I had detected one of those professional aversion skills that many service staff acquire in the course of their work.

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