Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Wagyu pastrami sandwiches from Moomba Tuckshop

These were suppose to be a wagyu pastrami and a roast beef sandwich from Moomba Tuckshop (4 Battery Road, #B1-01 Bank Of China Building, tel : +65 6536 5235), but the lady working at the counter apparently grabbed the same wagyu pastrami for both sandwiches when the pile of roast beef was actually sitting near the pastrami. I didn't think it was worth the time to correct the order and ended up with 2 similar sandwiches with different bread options. The fillings differed only between the sauerkraut and chopped onions. Otherwise, the pastrami was actually a Reuben. What's happening here?

Still, I would suppose that this place offered one of the better tasting and decently decked sandwiches. Would have preferred more generosity with the fillings though. The pastrami did taste spiced and were pronounced even when it had to contend with the sauerkraut and mustard dressing. And at the region of $18 after adding a coffee, I am guessing this place wouldn't be a regular quick lunch option with the sub $5 places nearby even if I worked around the corner.

The Illy's coffee here in this place was quite bad too.

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red fir said...

I like the seafood sandwich with spinach bread. It's actually quite good.