Sunday, April 18, 2010

The raw and the cooked at Tampopo

I'm thinking the cooked food is pretty much what works for me at Tampopo rather than the uncooked ones. Beside from a couple of rice bowls (special mentions to the negitoro don). This pricey chunky cut sashimi turned out to be quite mundane and did nothing to satiate what I missed from the chunky elegance of the late Wasabi Tei. The "toro" quality of the tuna was lacking and instead, a little too sinewy.

On the other hand, the BBQ charshu tonkotsu ramen was almost deeply satisfying. Despite the fact that it didn't taste very much different from their standard Kyushu, black pork rib or their shabu pork renditions. 

End of ramble.

Tampopo, charshu tonkotsu ramen

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Joey Anna said...

Yeah, cannot eat the uncooked food. Tried salmon sashimi, and that's enough to judge a restaurant's entire raw seafood standard. Like the experts say, 1 sashimi, 1 cooked eel. I'd always order green tea, gyoza and croquette too. Recently also using azuki shiratama matcha ice cream as benchmark. =) The green tea ice cream at Tampopo is good.