Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food, Concorde Hotel

Kim Dae Mun
I remember having eaten at this stall (100 Orchard Road Level 1, Food Court, Concorde Hotel) many years ago when they were operating out of a food court down at Orchard Point. At that time, I had no clue what Korean food was about and that it was probably just all bulgogi and the impression that was left behind from their chicken bulgogi was that these guys were pretty damn generous for portions.

Kim Dae Mun, kimchiToday was a different experience altogether. Perhaps it was the hour that I was there. The stall did look a little washed out from what I remember but was still drawing Korean customers. The food was certainly not wow-ing as I was hoping for but I guess that for their price point, they were above the run of the mill "Korean" stalls in food courts. I couldn't help but feel that it tasted much more localized than I was hoping for. Especially that jab che which reminded me of char kuey teow. The spicy beef soup was passably decent.

If you're still reading at this point, the Korean food stall down at Koufu at Toa Payoh Central does a much better kimchi than this one. Little of the fermentation process must have been undergone from ones here and it too tasted washed out.

Kim Dae Mun, japchae

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