Friday, August 10, 2012

National Day dinner at Hup Choon Eating House

Yes, the array of dishes are pretty much the same as the ones from the previous visit. As far as cze char goes, the standards for some of the items done here in the context of these days are gold for me. So it becomes challenging to deviate from certain favorites. Like the firm and chewy sweet and sour pork and their crispy and subtler prawn paste mid wings.

Today, we tried a Nonya styled curry fish head which was from response gauged at the table, a very well done dish. The rich curry was robustly flavored with dried shrimp (hae bi) and in spite of its cholesterol spiking bad boy looks, it encouraged spoonful after spoonfuls of the nutty spicy concoction. A killer, bedfellows with white rice. The accompanying vegetables were well timed in their cooking that they were all soft but not mushy.  The fish head was of fairly generous portions and fresh tasting too.

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