Sunday, August 12, 2012

A return to Pow Sing

Pow Sing, Serangoon Gardens

Pow Sing, fish maw soup

Pow Sing, chicken rice

Pow Sing, nonya cabbage rolls

Pow Sing, chicken

The inevitable comparison for me came about again with the chicken rice from Pow Sing and my still favourite from Mei Ling Food Centre. In retrospect, this could come in as a serious contender if not for the tenderness of the meat and the rice which paled in terms of fluffiness.

Their light and savoury fish maw soup was exactly what I was looking for while the slightly crunchy Nonya cabbage rolls came stuffed with competently whipped up salty and spicy otah in the middle. A genuine tribute to home styled cooking.


Gerald Ng said...


Love your blog, the food you enjoy is the type anybody can resonate with. I do have a grip, however, with your English. We don't need fabulous vocab just make sure words are used correctly and grammatically correct. Keep up the good work

ah Teo said...

Not that I have a gripe with your comment Gerald, but I do not see that there are any grammatical errors nor fabulous vocabulary being used or abused. It is a matter of getting used to different writing styles.