Saturday, August 18, 2012

Revisiting Scala Shark's Fin

Bangkok, Scala Shark Fin

This was a re-visit in particular which I had been looking forward to and it was largely because of the stir fried fish maw which I had previously.

Bangkok, Scala Shark Fin, crab claws kale

This time round, we ordered the steamed crab claws and kale. There was just the natural sweetness of the meat from the claws and a bit of oyster sauce to flavor the kale. Flavors were light, sweet and clean.  It seems that the number of crab claws that was served was dependent on how many of them you wanted and the dish was charged accordingly. Serving crab claws by themselves are an awesome idea.

Bangkok, Scala Shark Fin, fish maw

And of course, the stir fried fish maw with bits of chopped up river prawns. The flavours of the maw was a bit more complex this time round as there was river prawns compared with the last visit where it was just fish maw. Soaked into the maw this time was a deep crustacean flavour similar to crab roe. The robust flavors and the airy textures resulted in a light tasting dish that one wouldn't get tired of. But then again, your mileage may vary.

Bangkok, Scala Shark Fin, river prawn tang hoon

Following up, was a claypot tang hoon with river prawns. Hidden in the bottom of the claypot beneath the vermicelli, were peppercorn, bits of baby garlic, spring onions and thinly sliced pork belly which help add flavour to the noodles which would have soaked in the richness from all the combined ingredients.

Bangkok, Scala Shark Fin, bird's nest

We wrapped up with some chilled bird's nest. What worked for me was the soothing sweet pandan flavors in the dessert in tandem with the chill and gelatinous stripy textures. Otherwise, I have never been a proponent of these things as I find them overly costly.


FoodieFC said...

wow, the crab claws. How much does the dish cost?

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey dude,

I do not remember how much it cost individually. Scala's is actually pretty pricey. All that u see here plus a beer comes up to almost 5,500 baht.