Friday, August 31, 2012


This was a second time at Jade (1 Fullerton Square, GF Fullerton Hotel, tel : +65 6877 8188) for dim sum. The first occasion was a couple of years back where it was a 2 month wait with reservations. Thinking back, it was actually kinda ridiculous considering that after these two visits spanned some short years apart, I had gotten the same impression that the food was really unexceptional for what they charged. I could easily go a la carte in many places which would fare better and cost less.

To gripe, they had a braised birds nest with truffle egg white in superior broth (a one order per guest item) which was really extra-ordinary with both the quality and quanity of the ingredents. It was pretty much a dressed up starch filler that one would normally douse with splashes of vinegar and a generous blanket of pepper. For credit that was due, the truffle flavoring did not come from truffle oil.

A lobster porridge they had with said porridge that was obviously not cooked with any lobster parts and a stiff piece of lobster flesh that was pretty much devoided of flavors from the crustacean. The other assortment of items on both visits had either been passable or ho hum with the exception of a truffle yam pastry which was largely elevated by the truffle oil.

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Bern said...

Never really understood the fuss with Jade anyways. Even with their supposedly value-for-money weekend dim sum buffet. You're right, there r much much better dim sum elsewhere. In fact, even Cherry Garden's weekend dim sum buffet is waaaay better!