Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mr Prata, Evans Road

Here's a maggi goreng mutton and a mutton dum briyani (weekends special apparently) from Mr Prata (26 Evans Road, #01-02, tel : +65 6235 6993).

The place was better than I had imagined. The prices on the whole were competitive compared to the other "famous prata shacks". That being said, I haven't really tried any other prata except for their "Italian" one which featured fillings of cheese, ground mutton, onions and strips of green peppers. It wasn't anything mind blowing though.

The dum briyani mutton was cooked with basmati rice that was infused with spices. That rice was tasty that one could just eat them naked. The cooked in meat was on the other hand too dry even though it wasn't tough. Maggi goreng mutton was competently stir fried with a semi liquid yolk egg. I wouldn't mind coming back again.

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