Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wagyu steak and chicken rice dinner at Serangoon Gardens

Poh Poh Chicken Rice, Serangoon Gardens

We were getting food from iSteaks (56 Serangoon Garden Way, Stalls 5 & 6) and while waiting for the steaks to arrive, spotted Poh Poh Roasted Chicken rice located at the other end of the same coffee shop which looked good. So what happened was an order of their chicken rice while the cow was making progress on the grill.

This turned out to be pretty good. In fact, I'm going to go on record and state that I wouldn't have an qualms picking this over Pow Sing nearby should I need a fix of chicken rice in the vicinity. The rice was moist, sufficiently greasy without being excessive and also grainy enough for texture. Their roasted chicken was pretty respectable. It's definitely one those where the chilli sauce (commendably decent) was an option rather than a requisite since the rice was good enough to stand on its own.

iSteaks, wagyu steak

iSteaks has a lower grade marbling Australian Wagyu on menu and hence, a 200g for $35 fix was available. This tasted much like the one at Aston's - a noticeable more buttery beefiness in comparison to a regular ribeye.  The meat that I had was a little inconsistent in doneness from a shade of medium moving towards a juicer medium rare in the middle. I'm sure this stall gives Aston's a run for their money judging from the crowd.

iSteaks, wagyu steak

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Open Kitchen Concept said...

I live near Serangoon Gardens and I must agree with you about the chicken rice.. I am a long time customer of Bao Xing but I find this place much better now! :)