Sunday, April 30, 2017

Another brunch at Geylang Serai Market

We came back to Geylang Serai Market for another round of good eating.

That's a mutton dum briyani from Azizah (#02-127 Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre, 1 Geylang Serai). From what I gathered, the style of the briyani from their stall is Pakistani which uses less spices and oil than the Indian variety that we commonly see here. The traditional ingredient of ghee is replaced by low fat milk and yoghurt. Some may consider the differences in ingredients a travesty. And yes, it did taste noticeably lighter in flavour as compared to the others but I didn't think that much was diminished.

For one, the texture of the lighter basmati rice was more defined because those grains were light and separated. Their achar was a fruity tasting type that I've never had before and I loved it. Sweet, salty and sour very much like sng boey (Chinese pickled plums). There was a bowl of dalcha on the side and a little gravy from the curried mutton as well so nothing is really lacking in the department of flavour. Definitely coming back again some other time.

Geylang Corner Food Stall (#02-121) serves mee rebus, mee soto and satay. There's a mee rebus special that involves some peanut-y satay gravy and three sticks of satay in the bowl of noodles. I thought this was actually pretty good. One can immediately draw parallels with the mee rebus power from Rahim Muslim Food. This plate inches up a notch in comparison because the flavours of the gravy are enhanced by fried shallots. 

We also liked that those yellow noodles don't have the alkali taste. I'd eat this again.

And for desserts, some lontong from Warong Solo (#02-123). If you aren't local or don't know what these are, I'm joking. The dish is a curried vegetable stew of sorts with rice cakes. The rice cakes here had a pandan aroma. Portion in the picture features extra shredded coconut (serunding kelapa) which was requested for. This was reminiscent of the bowls we had from Kampong Corner.

Today's hearty brunch was washed down by a stiff brew of Hainanese coffee from Hainan Kaya Toast (#01-125). This stuff was thick - like how it should be done instead of the watered down excuses for coffee that's rampant all over the island.

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