Sunday, June 25, 2017

Traditional Hainanese Curry Rice (中国街海南咖哩饭), Redhill Food Centre

Let's do a little comparison on the food between this stall (#01-03 Redhill Food Centre, 85 Redhill Lane) and Hong Seng. The gravy and curry over here had much less punch and their stewed cabbages were much lighter tasting than the garlicky rendition from the latter. I thought the pork chops over at Hong Seng were tastier while the squid from this stall had a more springy texture. If you're confused as to which might be better, you're on the same track as I was. While I possibly feel that Hong Seng had stronger flavours going on and maybe are a notch up on the whole, I didn't dislike this at all and would have no qualms giving this another go.

Which might not be a bad idea since there was enough dishes that I was spoilt for choice.

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