Friday, August 11, 2017

Luke's 2017

We're back!

The pepper and salt flakes have changed for their Bloody Mary. This time round, they were much smaller. Why?! But I'm glad the drink itself hasn't changed.

Been having their burger since the "Garage burger" days back in Wine Garage. It's changed a little from that rendition to the Travis burger of today. Through the years, I've liked it enough to resist adding their kurobuta bacon. For the first time ever, I'm having it with bacon. Not bad.

This time round, I also had it in medium rare instead of the usual medium. It's just a little bloodier looking and also dripping with a bit more juices.

There's grilled fish for on the lunch menu now. This was actually pretty damned good. Not to mention expensive like they normally are. The house tartar sauce has dill and something that tasted like shreds of coconut. Wow! That kale salad still makes me go 'Mmmmm.....'

Blueberry pie for dessert. That peach and yoghurt sorbet didn't make it better since the pie itself was quite nice. It also oddly tasted somewhat like apple pie. But the crust was light and buttery.

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