Monday, June 25, 2018

Jaggi's at Chander Road

Jaggi's shifted to their current location (37/39 Chander Road, tel : +65 6296 6141) some time ago after operating for quite a long time at their original spot. This was our first visit to the current location.

Also our first time ordering their fish tikka. I believe those are mackerel. Having done time in the tandoor slathered in marinade made them smoky, tender and quite delicious.

We got ourselves some vegetable kourma - or what we jokingly refer to as the vegetarian dish equivalent of their butter chicken because of their creamy rich flavours. I don't think this dish does anyone's heart any favours.

Of course, we also had the real butter chicken. It's still good, but something about the flavour has changed and I am not sure what.

Some aloo gobi and palak paneer were ordered as well. Today's palak had only one miserable piece of paneer. Grrrr......

Today's bread of choice was their pudina paratha and their Kashmiri naan - the latter an old favourite of mine for some reasons. I got all green cherries today in the naan which I suppose was an aesthestic match (intentionally or not) with the paratha. Speaking of which, none of that mint flavour came through from the paratha. I would have thought that something would with so much mint on them.

Their cardamom-y masala tea is a good drink to wash down the food before checking out.

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