Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Wan Xing Nasi Lemak (万兴椰浆饭,炒米粉), Albert Centre Market FC

We chanced upon this stall (#01-62 Albert Centre Market Food Centre, 270 Queen Street) while looking for food and decided to give them a go. Sadly, this was another case of a contemporary nasi lemak where there wasn't much fragrance in the rice. It seemed that a lot of people liked them though since the queue appeared relentless.

On the brighter side, their sambal was kinda nice. Spicy and savoury that seemed to be without much sweetness. This meant that I didn't have to worry about having them overwhelm any of those coconut flavours in the rice since there wasn't much of those coconut flavours in the first place. The fish we got today wasn't dried out. In fact, it was surprisingly moist and even had some roe in the belly.

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