Monday, December 29, 2014

Basmati nasi lemak from Island Cafe

Island Cafe, nasi lemak

Wow, this was very nice indeed. The fragrance of pandan and coconut infused into the savoury basmati rice - and maybe a secret ingredient or two? This beats the other basmati nasi lemak at Selera Rasa hands down. But then again, this was also a lot more expensive. And for the additional we're paying for over here, one gets a very competently done beef rendang which wasn't too sweet (awesome!), a couple of tasty sambal shrimps, properly roasted peanuts and also nicely done sambal on the side. So good was the sambal and the rice that I had to eat them separately as not to muddle up the flavours. Things like these and that delicious wagyu beef and black bean sauce hor fun that keeps me coming back to Island Cafe.

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muchadoabouteating said...

Hee and I thought I am the only person who like this