Sunday, December 21, 2014

COMNAM Broken Rice, Raffles City

pimping the soup cơm tấm can cost a pretty penny

The mainstay of this shop (252 North Bridge Road #B1-46, tel : +65 6334 7377) is cơm tấm, a Vietnamese dish made with broken grained rice. Which I liked and felt better about than Nam Nam next door. While I couldn't tell at all if any of the renditions served here came close to the original dish, the food was pretty tasty. I liked the soup option which one could basically trick out in flavours after a few splashes of fish sauce and that Maggi condiment on the table.  The shredded cabbage salad with peanuts and grilled chicken was appetisingly delicious too. 

If I had to gripe over anything, it would be that I would have preferred more grilled meat options on the menu rather than the deep fried ones. And really, charging for chilli padi here?

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