Friday, December 04, 2009

Grandma's Restaurant, Orchard Paragon

Grandma's Restaurant, nasi lemak
A couple of weeks back, I had stepped in Grandma's Restaurant (290 Orchard Road, #B1-42/43 The Paragon, tel : +65 6737 7931) for some chendol and decided that I'll return for the food after seeing the spread on other people's tables. This time round, the realization struck me that I've actually visited this place before at the original outlet down in Orchard Parade Hotel. And that the chef that ran the place had been from Madam Kwan's which had left me pretty good impressions.

In retrospect, what made this place a winner for me was the soft and fragrant nasi lemak rice which I've realized, seemed to be a rarity these days. Granted that I am not often looking out for great nasi lemak, I've been having them now and then, noticing that there is always something that I didn't like about the rice. It was either the degree which the grains were cooked, or the lack of coconut fragrance of the rice or that it was simply tasted bland. This place did strike a really good balance. All of it with that coconut rich curry that threatened to make my arteries clog in protest.

Grandma's Restaurant, steak
Normally, steak is not an option I would even consider for a restaurant like this since the expertise of the kitchen point toward another direction. I wouldn't have had it here if not for the fact that I spied a really nice looking one at a neighbour's table which gave me give pause for reconsideration. This might not have been top quality meat. To be fair, the tenderloin in a light pepper sauce was quite enjoyable and the kitchen got medium rare spot on. A decent char grill on the surface for aroma and non crinkle cut fries, I could say that this would give Aston's a run for their money considering that steaks are not a forte here.

Grandma's Restaurant, otah
I would have preferred a heavier touch of heat to the otah otah but I have no complains. This was the stuff that's filled with chunks of fish, not just bits of them. I feel drawn back to the restaurant. For the nice coconut laden bubor cha cha with hot steaming pieces of yam that I enjoyed and also for the other things that I would like to try on menu. Perhaps too, for the pints of Erdinger at a steal at $5.


HairyBerry said...

i wonder if the menu is similar to grandmama's (which is another branch of madam kwan's at pavilion kl). if yes, then i'll be looking forward to the freshwater prawns hor fun, which apparently is a signature. never knew of it's existence @ paragon. good info, dude!

LiquidShaDow said...

I'll be in KL next Friday, will see if I get the chance to check out what's new at Pavilion, though I think it unlikely that I'll be free. Have been there once only before, so it's still new to me.