Sunday, December 06, 2009

China Street Fritters, Maxwell Food Centre

I guess being local doesn't mean that you are aware of all the good spots for chow. This Chinese stall (Maxwell Road, #01-64 Maxwell Food Centre, tel : +65 9239 6464) that sells fried mixed fritters of chinese sausage like things wrapped in bean curd skin has been operating for a long time and I can't say that I recall having eaten from their place even though Maxwell Food Centre has been a fairly regular eat out haunt since I was young.

What sets this stall apart from the other wu xiang stalls is that the variety of fritters are quite limited in selection. I'm not sure exactly how many different ones there are, but I hear that they pride themselves in being good at what they do have, which is something I really can't disagree with. We have the usual tofu, fish balls, meat rolls (a.k.a. ngoh hiong), liver rolls with scallions and an unhealthily tasty slice egg and lard fritter which was really good. These stuff were crispy clad on the outside without being overfried and those reddish pork sausage things did taste quite different from other stalls that I recall having had. Excellent with a plate or two of their stir fried bee hoon.


red fir said...

That stick of lard must have made this ngoh hiang tastes so good.

D said...

Gosh.. I miss this stuff.