Friday, December 11, 2009

First meal in Hong Kong

This was during lunch hour on the day after I had arrived, so literally was the first meal that I have had out. The shop was looked like a really old school char chan teng and was teeming with people that looked like they were residents from nearby. There was also a queue forming for takeaways. It was all good indicators of a very decent spot for local eats. I hadn't any idea what this was called but ordered it by pointing at another table which had order of the same rice dish. Basically it was the sodium, protein, fat and carbohydrates meal formed with two fried eggs, a hot dog and some luncheon meat over rice. Drizzled with dark soy sauce and.....liquid yolks. Wasn't anything new or unusual, but it did an excellent job of filling up. Couldn't argue with all the savouriness with an empty stomach. All to be washed down with some hot milk tea. I like how eggs here are done. So much better than the excuse for fried eggs in most of the economic rice stores back home.

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