Monday, December 14, 2009

Gourmet Burger Union, Cochrane Street, Hong Kong

GBU (45-47 Cochrane St., 1st Floor, Cheung Fai Bldg, Central, tel : [852] 2523-9011) was an impromptu decision while wandering around looking for lunch. A quick decision actually made from too much drinks the night before and an empty stomach looking for the first meal of the day. This was also the point where the decision was made that we would not be eating any more of western food for the stay in Hong Kong. 

It wasn't that the burgers were bad. In fact, this place was pretty decent if one could just overlook the fact that eating in there leaves the residual scent of the burger grease on you. Not to mention the fact that the air conditioning was switched off in winter and air circulation was quite bad. Especially for a place doing char grill.

The word Stilton was caught by my peripheral vision and registered. Hence I got their GBU Big Boy even though I was really staring at the menu for a while. What I thought strange was that it came with bbq sauce (which I had opted out) which would create more contention amongst the flavours that was already there.

So what was in? A juicy New Zealand Angus patty that was dome somewhere between medium well to well done topped with a generous wad of melted Stilton blue. A flame grilled portobello mushroom cap and a couple of strips of bacon resting on some wild rockets. The fries were forgettable, but I liked the burger. Reminded me a little of The Handburger.

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julie said...

I think HK has some amazing burgers. Try Pro Burger (83 Wellington Street, Central) its got a fantastic chargrilled patty.

And for an authentic heartland burger experience you should try 時新快餐店(Si Sun Fast Food). Its a grease bomb!

Archie B's at Central has amazing sandwiches too and was featured on the New York times

you should check out their hungrygowhere site is really awesome!