Thursday, December 24, 2009

Omakase at Kaiho Sushi

This omakase dinner at Kaiho Sushi was quite a let down. Even when we were already expecting no prawns, salmon and beef, it just didn't feel up to scratch. Was unexpected considering that their lunch sets were decent and good value for their location and offerings. On retrospect, this felt much like a fish dinner since it was mostly that. And pretty regular fish offerings at that. If I remember correctly the bill turned up just a little less than the dinners I've had at Akashi but was noticeably less impressive. I guess the only new thing here was the sardine tempuras and an interesting house made strawberry sake that was the highlight of the meal. Even the toro and uni didn't seem as satisfying.

some simmered fish....probably tuna

sashimi moriawase?

asari butter itame

ikura, uni, maguro and hamachi

tempura sardines

fish head soup

the strawberry sake

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