Thursday, December 17, 2009

是誰 在敲打我窗, 是誰 在撩動琴弦......

The grimy facade in the midst of aged apartment blocks was an indication of interesting things to come. Amidst one of the dark alleys of Kowloon latticed with water pipes, half shaded by haphazard zinc shelters under dim fluorescent luminance, lies Hung Fook Restaurant (G/F, No. 86 Lok Shan Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, tel : +852 2365 0112). Hell, I'm not even sure that's the real English name for the location since there wasn't any I could find.

If anyone had the interested or could recall, this was the place where the triad bosses were seen having hotpot in various scenes from Infernal Affairs II. I was told that the business and prices of this old restaurant has risen from the media attractions that was garnered from the movie. Basically, this joint was today a fairly popular location for the locals for hot pots and charcoal grilled live seafood.

The offerings were the usual that one could expect from steamboat or hot pot shops. Apart from the sliced beef, some tau pok balls which were really good for soaking up the spicy hot pot broth, obligatory greens and deep fried fish skin, it was mostly the seafood on grill for us. Since it was what this restaurant was known for. We would have wanted to order more from the tank but the laws of physics refused to compromise for our bellies. Due to the tight quarters and that my hands were stained perpetually with seafood juices, I was only able to get some shots of some of the shellfish and their crustacean buddies squirming in their death throes.......

.......and a blurry view of the mess on the table from all that beer.

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