Thursday, February 12, 2009

Skinny Pizza, Suntec City

I'm not sure how long Skinny Pizza (3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-002 Suntec City Galleria, tel : 6333 9774) has been around, but I think these guys are related to or at least working together with Barracks. I noticed the connection recently that both were actually doing same type of crispy crust pizzas with the same branding. They even make the same truffled fries at this place.

I was drawn in by the curiosity of their super thin crust. It was only after eating them that I realised that the crust wasn't anywhere similar to actual thin crusts for pizza. It was so crispy that the texture was akin to papadums. All crisp and no chew. Which made them a mess to eat with utensils or hands since they simply fell apart whether you bit into them or tried to cut them. After a while, the crisp kinda wore out and to be honest, I prefer a regular thin crust. These ones were far too thin and barely held the weight of the toppings without falling apart.

In the department of toppings, these guys were pretty generous. The dark grey-ish one was the squid ink pizza which came with a squid ink crust and some squid ink sauce on the top. There was quite a bit of squid and prawns with some tomato salsa as well. Liked those rings of raw red onions. But I didn't like that it arrived barely lukewarm.

The other macadamia roasted pumpkin pizza featured chunks of roasted butternut squash, real macadamia nuts and the best part - goat's cheese. As you might have guessed, it was a blend of pungence, nutty fragrance and sweetness which worked. The crust got boring after a while though and I'm didn't notice any ripped basil that the menu mentioned.

All in all, eating these were just a novelty. The toppings did well. I wouldn't mind eating them again, but I don't think I'll be in a hurry to re-visit anytime soon


D said...

that crust looks gray?? =S

Jess said...

at first glance i thought it was a raw fish with garnishes waiting to be steamed.

ah Teo said...

Jess: Lol!! now that u have mentioned it, it does look a little like fish.

LiquidShaDow said...

So now you know why they look gray.

Yeah, the bloated portion of the crust does look like fish from a glance. Lol. Never realised that until you mention too.