Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wasabi Tei : cooked food edition

Wasabi Tei, unagi

Dare I say that the unagi don from Wasabi Tei was actually not bad in spite of the charred appearances. I thought that I detected a little bit of that greasy fattiness underneath the grilled skin of the eel. Not much can really be to the quality of eels locally, but I guess there are some places that do serve a pretty decent non-Japanese import of those fishes and this was one; in generous portions and a warm bowl of sticky rice to boot.

Wasabi Tei, unagi nigiri

The unagi nigiris did surprise me a little since I wasn't expecting them to be so large. As expected though, they weren't much to look at, but the sizes were nothing one can complain about. The rice at the bottom barely held the weight of the grilled eels on top.

Wasabi Tei, gyudon

Wasabi Tei, chawanmushiI generally don't hold much hopes for gyudons since I've never really had any that was really worth remembering apart from the savoury rendition at Yoshinoya which was surprisingly quite addictive. Pity that they're just another chain that takes no pride in what they serve  charging quite a bit and delivering pathetic portions. Wasabi Tei's rendition was nothing short of comfort food with sliced beef. Well blended were the flavours of the thinly sliced strips of sautéed onions and bits of garlic that worked really well with their salty sauce and greasy thin slices of cow on top of the warm rice. Again, it's form over finesse in generous quantities. Did I mention that they have a mushroomy tasting chawanmushi that's loaded with Shimeiji mushrooms too?

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