Saturday, May 02, 2009

Ichibantei, Robertson Quay

Ichibantei, tan tan mian

I think I'm becoming a fan of tan tan mian. This was a hiyashi tan tan mian from Ichibantei (60 Robertson Quay, #01-04 The Quayside, tel : 6733 3923) and it is probably making itself into the top of my list for cold ramen with its robust savoury sweet and spicy sesame gravy and springy noodles. Not that there were any others in that list apart from the cold ramen at Noodle House Ken which was as good if not better in its own refreshing way. The generous toppings of ground meat added to the textural chewiness. There was also a pretty decent tonkotsu ramen in the house that came with the usual milky pork bone broth, tender sliced chashu and egg. Sadly, the order of oyster kakis was disappointing. They were shrivelled and dry as compared to fat and juicy. I've passed by this place on countless occasions and only sometimes wondering if there was anything good about them. If not for today, that cycle would probably have continued.

Ichibantei, tonkotsu ramen

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