Friday, May 08, 2009

Hakata Nihon Ryori, Mohd Sultan Road

I think this was one of those places (33, Mohd Sultan Road #01-03, S23897, tel : 6836 1039) that has been around. One of the many that I've seen or passed by but never gotten myself to step in. Until now. That was after a tip off about the Kyushu styled food that they serve and a chance for me to try their tonkotsu ramen. The ramen was edible though not one of the better rendition we've tried. A word of advice - don't pick the seats at the bar. The counter radiates heat from the refrigeration unit and it could get uncomfortably warm after a while.

I was intrigued by the uni to ama ebi don, but the uni was disappointing. It wasn't much chilled and a little too stiff as well. Flavour of the sea urchin didn't quite get through. In short, it was a failed uni test for me. The sweet ama ebi was fortunately decent but wasn't good enough enough to save the donburi.

Here's their tonkotsu ramen. Liked these straight Hakata style noodles. The sliced chashu were small and were not the type that would dissolve your mouth. Actually, those charshu tasted like sliced pork in lor mee. At $10, it was also one of the cheaper bowls around.

I like them potato no mentai yakis. Basically sliced potatoes with a layer of mentaiko mayo and grilled (or baked?). We were told that they took a while to prepare and that we might have to wait a little but it was actually served before the other items. This wasn't just a flavouring if you're wondering. The potato slices were covered with enough mentaiko that you could discern the fish roe.

All in all, the food wasn't too bad despite the poor show of the uni. There was quite a variety on menu that I can see myself coming back.

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