Thursday, February 02, 2012

Artichoke Cafe and Bar, Middle Road

I have, if my memory serves, eaten here (161 Middle Road, tel : +65 6336 6949) about five times before so I thought it was fair that I gave it a mention. Especially so when I actually like the food here. I first heard of them through a friend. Chef/owner of this joint Bjorn Shen was connected by a couple of degrees of separation.

Artichoke, mezze
There were these moreish mezze served with light and freshly toasted bread down at Artichoke. I've had them every time that I've visited and I still find them refreshingly tasty. I particularly enjoyed their labneh and also felt that their hummus with tahini and pomegranate seeds puts many others to shame. It was three plates of honest to goodness, perky and creamy altogether. With fresh warm bread.

Artichoke, mushrooms
The other item that I've been having almost every visit were their organic mushrooms which I believe are sourced locally. I think they're pan fried. I could taste pepper and some truffle oil. Every bite was well greased, succulent and mushroomy. I love them with the rockets.

Artichoke, ribeye
Off the board special, was a grilled ribeye with rosemary and spicy garlic dip with lemon on the side. This was probably the third type of meat I've had here. The first two being their lamp chops which were really good by the way, and their kurobuta pork which was quite meh. I've never been a big fan of rosemary and I always feel that they're applied too often with a heavy hand. With exceptions. This one was one of those exceptions. Meat was a little sinewy though.

Artichoke, baklava
We had a go at their baklava and found it pretty good. In the light and buttery pastry, housed a medley of sweet chopped nuts. That ice cream on the side if you're wondering was honey flavoured. Very nice stuff. Made even better with the bits of fragrant pistachio on the plate.

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