Monday, February 13, 2012

Sandaime Bunji, Millenia Walk

Sandaime Bunji, Millenia Walk

Sandaime Bunji's (9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-14/15 Millenia Walk, tel : +65 6333 1516) models on teishoku set and a la carte options of the mains dishes from said sets. The focus of the menu are their grilled gyutan and oden.

Sandaime Bunji, gyutan teishoku

We hit up the small gyutan set which came with a variety of the items from the menu in small portions. That included the mugimeshi (barley rice), tororo, an unexpectedly clear and flavourful ox tail soup, flame grilled gyutan, salad, tofu and some very forgettable salmon sashimi.

Sandaime Bunji, gyutan

The grilled tongue was fragrant and delicious but a little chewy.

Sandaime Bunji, oden

I thought the oden was pretty good as well. The taste was both savoury and clear with what I thought to be comforting warm soup. Will want to order this again the next time.

Sandaime Bunji, mugimeshi tororo

Sandaime Bunji's mugimeshi can be had with their tororo which is flavoured with what I thought was shoyu. Tasted like shoyu.

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