Monday, March 26, 2012

God Fire ramen from Ikkousha

Ikkousha, god fire ramen

This bowl from Ikkousha (111 Somerset Road, #02-15, TripleOne Somerset) had to be by far the spiciest ramen that I've had. Then again, I've never really made it a thing trying spicy ramen. While this packed a respectable amount of (woody and almost herbal) heat in the still savoury pork bone broth, it wasn't anywhere close lip numbing. God Fire was really just an impressive name for their chilli based tonkotsu broth. I prefer their regular option down at Ramen Champion.

The charshu that they had in this bowl was much more thinly sliced and it resembled those from the tonkotsu bowls at Keisuke's Tonkotsu King.

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