Monday, March 05, 2012

Some new seafood rice stuff from Ootoya

Here's a couple of items that wasn't on menu the last time I was at Ootoya. Both of which featured seafood on top of rice in bamboo steamers. The intention was I'm sure, to impart flavors into the rice, but I guess that hadn't quite worked out for the ebi seiro which featured sakura ebi. If one could imagine, the strips of omelete that came along with the rice actually tasted a whole lot stronger than those shrimps and the rice was largely flavored by the cubes of shitake mushroom in them. The clams with hijiki option faired much better in the department of flavors. Both options still tasted rather healthy if you catch my drift.


FoodieFC said...

clams with hijiki looks delicious!

Henry said...

I like your simple and nice food blog. There are lots of foods here that I've never seen before yet.

Widi Dede said...

what name menu pic no 2....? looks tasty

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