Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Small plates in Mongkok

We headed down to one (G/F, 28 Mong Kok Road, tel : +852 2395 9867) of several squeeze sized shops where one can get seats and frills free snacks of the braised, pan fried and boiled variety in one stop.

The food turned out to be much better than I had expected. I liked that those unassuming delicious pot stickers huddling in the griddle which had vegetable fillings that were so fresh that one could taste the said freshness. And we've had the better pig's blood curd yet which was of a coarser texture almost akin to a firm silken tofu and filled with the flavors of the blood as I had remembered them. Coupled with tasty chewy intestines braised in a hot peppery broth which was just the thing to have for the cool evening.

It was basically straight forward stuff that was good for sharing and I think the place opens till late in the night.

I recommend trying the bean curd with evaporated milk.

pan fried tofu

pan fried pot stickers

pan fried radish cake

starchy soup with wood ear fungus, paste of fish trimmings....that sounds just weird

braised pig intestines, pig's blood curd and chives in a peppery broth

mai fan

some thick udon like noodles in a clear lard filled broth

peanut porridge

tou fu fa (a.k.a. tau huey) with evaporated milk

yellow sugar for the bean curd

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