Monday, April 08, 2013

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, Armenian Street

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, Armenian Street

I've been wanting to visit this place (53 Armenian Street, tel : +65 6333 1982) for quite a while. To be a little more accurate, it was since the time they've opened up at Prinsep Street. Never happened until now. The current location is at the space where Fi53fty Three used to be.

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, charcuterie

We were aware that Le Bistrot du Sommelier was known for their house made charcuterie, so we ordered up a bunch to taste what they had to offer. Namely their duck rillette, pig tongue terrine, chicken liver pâté with port wine and a current off the menu special of pig sausage with pistachio baked in a brioche.

Believe me when I say that every bit of the greens helped there. The food was rich from the fat meaty flavours and salt that the sour from the gherkins help cut all the richness that was building up from every bite. Every delicious bite that is. Their brioche was altogether buttery, dry and crumbly, but I thought that had worked pretty well with their fatty pistachio and pork sausage for textures.

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, mangalica pork chop

All that meat was further bolstered by a serving of oven roasted Mangalica pork chop served with a gratin of pig trotter and macaroni. The exterior of the pork chop was caramelised lightly which added smokiness to the moist interior along with a light hit of rosemary. The gratin had unfortunately (or maybe fortunately at this point) contained little of the meat from the pig trotters.

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, pig trotter macaroni

This was definitely one heavy meal. Thankfully there was wine as well.

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, profiteroles

As stuffed as we were, we managed a dessert of profiteroles. I like this. The choux pastry was crisp and light. Will come back again for other stuff.

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, Armenian Street


Unknown said...


In behalf of the team, thank you for patronising us and for the beautiful review.

I am Myra, from Le Bistrot du Sommelier and I would like to seek permission from you as we would like to use your photo of the Mangalica pork.

Looking forwrad to hear from you.

Thank you once again.
Yours sincerely,
Le bistrot du Sommelier Team

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi Myra,

Please use it. Thank you for asking.