Saturday, April 06, 2013

Stick 'em up intestines and other miscellaneous eats

These are deep fried pig intestines on sticks that are sold off snack shops in the streets. There's virtually nothing else but salt to flavor them chewy bites. Got them somewhere around Mongkok.

Near where we got the intestines along Mong Kok Road, there's a little corner where more food on sticks were being sold. This time, from the grill and not a deep fryer. These were labelled as Xinjiang lamb skewers. The meat did taste like lamb, albeit rather spiced up, so no questions on any dubious origins there. I've never had the real thing before, not even in Geylang so I don't know how exactly are they suppose to taste like.

Walking down Central, we spied a cart selling pak tong ko.

They looked pretty good and we bought some back to the hotel. I remember eating them pretty often as a kid, but these seems to have been elevated into an endangered treat these days back home.

In the crowded streets of Sham Shui Po not too far from the MTR exit, a cart sold quail eggs and sweet potato. The sweet potato weren't as sweet as I had expected, but they were pretty soft and very hot off the coals. Wished I had some butter to go with that.

Paid a visit to Kung Woo Bean Products again for their delicious bean snacks.

The last time round, I hadn't realised that there were additions of dried orange peel in the fried bean curd items. This was really a pleasant surprise.

Hot and comforting bowls of ethereal steamed milk with lotus seeds from Yee Shun Milk Company.

And luncheon meat sandwiches to endure the marches of the night.

So that pretty much rounds up the random eats along the way for this trip.

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TheCoolDude said...

Sometimes it's the simple food that gives the most satisfaction. Looking at these pictures....salivating :)