Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wakanui Grill Dining, Boat Quay

Wakanui Grill Dining, canterbury spring lamb

Wakanui Grill Dining, ocean beef

Wakanui Grill Dining, beef

Wakanui Grill (70 Boat Quay, tel : +65 6438 6321) is Japanese, originating from Tokyo and specializing in meat from New Zealand; namely their brand of hormone and antibiotic free Ocean beef and Canterbury spring lamb that is raised in natural pastures leading stress free lives until the moments they're sliced up and shipped from New Zealand, dry aged locally and subsequently grilled over bintochan upon order. 

Here's their tenderloin and a full rack of spring lamb. I'd go with the lamb again easily. Tender, pink and juicy at medium doneness with little else but pepper and salt. There was just enough of that lamb flavour to be satisfying. The medium rare beef was expectedly tender and very mild in flavour. Both meats inherited the smoky aroma from that white charcoal grill.

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