Friday, July 10, 2015

A local signature

What’s in a local signature?

Let's just say that I came up with this label to tag anything that could be construed as a local flavour, uniquely so or not. This was of course ambiguous at times due to the fact that we’re essentially a migrant state with more people joining the party annually. Don’t worry, I’ll not be going into a political discourse at this stage. Back to my original topic, many of what we have taken for granted to be local came from elsewhere, exists elsewhere. The point is, it’s just a tag for something that one could attribute to this sunny island.

Like the McSpicy. I think it’s local in the sense that it probably doesn’t quite exist in any of the Golden Arches elsewhere. I kinda like it because it does have some heat. That goes for the garlic chilli sauce which is what I understand to be a local thing too. Goes great with the McSpicy.

And then durians. I know they’re available in other parts of the world and is rather well received up north as well. But it is something attributably local. Perhaps I had also meant incontestably as well. And with it breeds the familiarity with abbreviations such as d24, msw and wzw. The former two are featured in the picture above by the way.

And as a wrapper, these above were actually dinner. Of a local signature. Little where else in this world would it be a Double McSpicy washed down with durians.

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