Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Roast meat rice at Geylang Lor 28

Geylang Lor 28, roast meat rice

A friend introduced me to this coffeeshop located at the entrance of Lorong 28. The address says 514A Geylang Road on the business card while the block number on the building states 512, so it's a little confusing. But nestled inside is a roast meat stall that was pretty good. I couldn't find a name for the stall. The duck breast was tender and moist; char siew was fatty, nicely caramelized and sweet while the rice was fluffy. Of which the latter paired well with their chicken rice chilli. It was certainly the makings of a competent roast meat stall and this plate went down in short minutes.

Update on 18/10/2015
Geylang Lor 28, roast meats

Here's an update on their roasts. Still as good as the last round and the crackling from the roast pork were crispy.