Friday, July 03, 2015

Ippudo, Shaw Centre

Ippudo (1 Scotts Road, #04-22/23 Shaw Centre, tel : +65 6235 2547) requires little introduction. They've been opening up a few branches of their ramen shops over the past few years. We headed down to this latest one at Shaw because I wanted to try their tan tan tonkotsu which is only available in this particular outlet.

Ippudo, spicy potato salad

While waiting for the ramen, we snacked. Here's a spicy potato salad topped with a fried egg. Yes the yolk was molten. The spice element tasted like some sort of curry. Probably concocted in house. Mild by local standards.

Ippudo, garlic toast honey dip

And then some garlic toast with honey dip. No surprises here. I kinda liked the crisp and airy toast.

Ippudo, tan tan tonkotsu

Here's the tan tan tonkotsu. My request for the noodles was 'very hard', which I presume is their harigane. The bite from those noodles wasn't so impressive.

At first glance, the bowl reminded me a little bit of laksa. The tan tan element was a lot milder than I thought. It's more of a balanced blend between the nutty flavours and that of the original tonkotsu broth with a nice warm heat. Yes, the charshu was thin and tender. I think I prefer the basic shiromaru and if I want tan tan noodles, there's a pretty decent one nearby.

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