Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1st attempt at mentaiko pasta

As you can probaby see, there isn't really much mentaiko on the pasta. That is because I have never had the experience in making them and grossly underestimate the amount of roe needed. Not to mention, I didn't think that I'll be cooking for 4. Scrapping the eggs out of the sac for the first time turned out to be a messy affair too. The result did turn out to be pretty tasty, but I wouldn't call it a success since the main element for the sauce which is the spicy roe could barely be tasted. The ingredients used were modified from a relatively well known blog. The main reason for the deviation is because, I couldn't get my hands on some of the items on time and other recipes do suggest other viable alternatives which was obtainable at the said time of cooking. The steps for making the sauce stays pretty much like the original recipe which I had derived from. Basically, it's a sautee-ing of the onions in butter, addition of soy sauce and sake for the reduction before adding the cream and then, the mentaiko.

The ingredients if anyone is interested are

  • 250g angelhair pasta
  • a chunk of butter (I used SCS)
  • one whole yellow onion, diced
  • 10 soup spoonful of sake
  • 5 soup spoonful of cream (mine was President)
  • 1 sac of mentaiko (I think 3 would have been better)
  • shredded nori

There wasn't any chicken stock readily available so I had substituted that with Japanese soy sauce. It was the closest thing to chicken stock that I could find at home. Seriously. If anyone has a good method of removing the roe from the sac, please let me know how. Comments and suggestions are welcomed as well.

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