Thursday, January 10, 2008

A revisit to Shinryoku

I'm back in Shinryoku (8 Purvis Street, #01-01, S188587, tel:63388472) and predictably, what we ordered were pretty much what we liked from the previous visit. Plus others. These guys apparently make changes to menu and thus time round there was no more oysters. Yep, ditto that for Miss Clarity just around the corner too and I heard it was because of a recent spate of food poisoning that caused the shortage?

There were some items which we hadn't eaten before and it included a gravy drenched grilled chicken liver. I was hoping would be similar to the ones at Hamoru, but these are apparently more cooked and thus, less soft. Making the debuts on the table were also a pretty decent grilled garlic pork with leeks, agedashi tofu, chicken skins, grilled cherry tomatoes, chicken meat balls, shishamo, chawanmushi and a very unexpected deep fried garlic. The garlic was initially more of a curiosity but it turned out to be pretty good. It was apparently deep fried with the skin intact. That created a hard skin which was easily broken, revealing the soft and fragrant cloves inside.

the score cup

It seems that Shinryoku has an add on option to the a la carte buffet. For $20++ more, bottled beer is free flow too. Which is a pretty good deal since a bottle of Kirin here is already $9. Something to consider I suppose.


Junie said...

how much is this buffet? my dar dar's bday is coming, i'm organising a dinner for abt 10 - 13 pax.. they seem interested in japanese bbq style.. so anyway, u think this is a good place to go? hows the sitting like? do u think they can fit so many of us on one table?

oh.. n any contact details of the place?

Anonymous said...

Now if only i was in singapore.. ! this woul dhave been perfect.. ;)

LiquidShaDow said...

It's $48++ per person, comes with one drink for that. I think the place should be able to make seating arrangements for 13 if you make reservations. Contact details are in this post. You were just looking at pictures right?

red fir said...

phawh!that's too much food!!

Anonymous said...

ooh a WHOLE clove of garlic, skin and all, deep fried? this i wanna try! i usually finish off the bottle of fried garlic when i eat at ajisen... yum yum... :P

LiquidShaDow said...

Yeah, whole clove of garlic deep fried in oil as you see it. I thought it was pretty good.