Sunday, January 13, 2008

La Braceria Pizza and Grill, Ban Guan Park

I've been hearing about La Braceria (70 Greenleaf Road, Ban Guan Park, S279356, tel:64655918) for some time now and it's been on my list of places to check out for while. Located in a very old shophouse at Ban Guan Park on Greenleaf which is just off 6th Avenue. It's rather secluded, if not also remote. Being around that area felt like stepping into a capsule of another era. But that's for another day. Maybe. The food here's fairly straight forward with minimal frills. The food definitely looked more appealing than the recent disappointment at Trattoria Lafiandra.

To start, I opted for the trippa alla Fiorentina which is essentially tripe in a light tomato broth with cheese. The tripe turned out to be pretty good. The taste of the meat was beefy, soft and slightly chewy. Having soaked up the tomato broth, each bite was also somewhat "juicy". This turned out to be a rather pleasant warm starter of meat and broth.

There was this salsicci de maiale al finocchietto which was their famous home made pork sausages which I had thought could be interesting. The sausages here were densely packed in their cases and served with a small side of salad and pan roasted potatoes. Hearty would definitely be the word for them and I thought they were not bad at all.  Except for the fennel seeds which were part of the seasoning. I don't usually like them because they remind me too much of liquorice.

Their molten chocolate cake turned out to be similar to the lava cake from Borgo. From the menu, I had expected the cake to come with a hot melting core. Served with Grand Marnier and flamed. This one was actually better than the one at Borgo which didn't have enough of the chocolate.


Anonymous said...

When i used to live in Asia.. i could never start my food with a soup... even if it was a lobster bisque.. just because it is so hot in asia. I always order a salad to start with. Wherelse now that i am in such a cold country.. soup it is for me everytime.. wierd eh.

LiquidShaDow said...

Thank goodness for air conditioning, don't you think?