Monday, January 21, 2008

From the Hokkaido & Michinoku Fair

Here're a bunch of stuff I picked up from the Hokkaido & Mochinoku fair. Expectedly like the norm of such events, the crowd thickens from the early afternoon and doesn't really subside till the end of the day. This time round there was also a counter that was vending camembert cheese which I did not notice before in the previous fairs. I hear that there is more to come later in the week.


cheese cake sticks

a sac of mentaiko

chocolate cheese cake

creamy cheese cake in a box

fuji apple juice

rice condiments

assorted preserved seafood

not forgetting the candied scallops


MystiKaL said...

Dude.. i tried out the Relish place at Cluny... the burgers themselves were good.. but have a few complaints on the rest.. check out my blog.. i did a mini take on it..

mama bok said...

Oh..!! i love the scallops..!!! i buy them everytime.. i am in tokyo. ;) and then one time i saw it in hong kong too..!!

ice said...

hey dude!unpack your loot & shoot the insides!!what's the choco yaki?

the cheesecake thingy is like cream cheese..yums.. :)

LiquidShaDow said...

I did. The photos of the insides are all there except for the choco yaki's a dome shaped chocolate cake with mousse like insides. The box contains 4 of them. Those, are pretty good

ice said...

u sure bought almost everything at the fair! :)

eat away!