Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hey la, hey la.....Hokkaido Fair's back!

Here's one of the bento box which I picked up from the fair at Isetan Scotts in the afternoon. It comes accompanied with a kawaii chick in singlet and short pink skirt that feeds you with attentive care. Nah...just kidding about the part on the kawaii chick. So it's back and the fair started on Staturday 19/1/08. I was told it ends at the end of the month, so go go go!! Stay tuned for the picturesque tales of my loot after I jostle the endless tides of insane aunties. Lol!


Crunchasarus Rex said...

Heheheh!! kawaii chick is good.. ;)
no need to be shy about it. . ;)

ice said...

eh dint see any kawaii chicks arund leh..only old man feeding me 'airy' cheese cakes... LOL!

LiquidShaDow said...

tell me you did not go there and seriously expect kawaii chicks at the fair? It's a food fair in supermarket, not a motorshow! Lol The airy cheesecake section has been replaced by an old lady manning the booth.

ice said...

no leh..i was there just today & a nice old man really FED me the airy cheesecakes!

hmm..maybe coz i'm female that's y i got the MAN & u got the OLD LADY?

wa haha