Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kolo mee @ Tampines Round Market and Food Centre

There is a fairly popular store that sells wanton noodles at the Tampines Round Market and apparently, they have those Sarawak Kuching Kolo mee now too. I have no idea what is the name of this stall (Blk 137 Tampines Street 11, #01-45, S521137) despite having had the wanton noodes here before, but it apparently seems to attract a queue during the lunch hours and part of the reason for that queue as I've found out today, is the fairly leisurely pace at which the owners prepare their noodles.

The Kolo mee at this place comes at a much lower price of $2.50 with a $3.00 happy meal set option. I wonder where they got that from. It involves a slightly larger portion which comes with a rather skinny braised pork ribs. It would seem that this would be a great deal for the price of a bowl of noodles which comes with a little bowl of soup with wanton and shrimp dumpling, however these are just not as good as the original chain of stores that sells them for almost 6 bucks with more measly portions. Yes, this is one of those instances where a chain of store (think mass produced and applied formulas) outdoes a individual outlet. The noodles in this store are a bit more cooked than is desirable, resulting in a less firm consistency which is present in from the original stores. The slightly sweetish and viscous gravy here was also not something I thought was superior over the fragrance of the oil of fried shallots. The chilli in this case helped with the noodles whereas the original ones didn't need much of other extras for the noodles to be good. And the included fried wanton in the bowl is actually just a fried wanton skin. I guess these are where the differences in price comes in.

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