Monday, January 14, 2008

Mud Ooze

Yep, that's the Mud Ooze from Miss Clarity (Talib Court, 5 Purvis Street, #01-04, S188584, tel:63394803). This is what I felt to be one of the good recommendations for chocolate desserts because it's pretty damn good and it's fairly inexpensive at that. There is actually nothing novel about this dessert as it is essentially one of the numerous lava cakes or molten chocolate cakes if you will, that are fairly common in cafes and restaurants. What made this a great recommendation is that it costs noticeably less ($4.50) and tastes really almost as good if not better. Here's what I think it is. A nice hot lava cake, sans the gimmicks. No Grand Marnier flourish. No flames. And no vanilla bean in the ice cream too....hey! Oh well..... the flambe really does nothing for me since this is probably microwaved and hasn't much discernible differences. I believe that the molten chocolate here was more robust than another place which cost more.


ice said...

oops.u got me going there soon!

Junie said...

cheap n good = must go!

lynn said...

it's my very-full-but-diedie-must-eat item from miss clarity! i usually dine at the tanjong katong outlet though. you should go try and see if there's any difference in the quality of food =)