Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lucha Loco, Duxton Hill

Nice! I'm really glad to see more joints doing "the more" of Mexican food in the country than the tired stereotyped items and these were really quite delicious. Right here at this bar/taqueria call Lucha Loco (15 Duxton Hill, tel : +65 6226 3938) in the first unit at Duxton Hill.

First up were grilled corn on sticks that goes by Elotes were really good. Juicy, on the cob and subsequently greased in mayo and coated in crumbled Cojita cheese with a sprinkle of chilli powder, this was a bag of flavors that were altogether savory, sweet, spicy and tart (from the squeeze of lime).

Then a taco with beef briskets and chorizo, packed with flavor and cooled by the diced onions and the squeeze lime on the side. This was very tasty in a savory, spicy and smoky manner at the same time. I'd order these again easily in a heartbeat.

There was quesadilla with cheese and Huitlacoche. Those corn smut certainly didn't taste like those I had previously and the quesadilla was by far the least exciting tasting item. With all the flavors going around in the other orders, this was almost bland. 

Following up with the corn tortilla bites was a taco with pork belly and a stick of what tasted like turnip. Meat was rather tender, but not to the degree that disintegrates in the mouth. Flavors were pretty Asian, like caramelized dark soy sauce and sugar. Pretty tasty, but I think this doesn't hold up against the brisket and chorizo one.

A side of baked black beans that showcased the aroma of spices in a heat packed dish. I like this.

And it all ended with some sweet and nutty blue cornmeal cakes. The texture of the cake was coarse, a little crumbly and gritty at the same time. Other than loads of corn, there seems to be some grainy bits which might be semolina or quinoa in them. Lightly drenched in agave nectar and Mezcal cream on the side.

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