Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Lokal, Neil Road

I first heard about this place (126 Neil Road, tel  : +65 6423 9918) a couple of months back via Sarnies' social media streams. A bar and cafe joint with food using ingredients that's made in house from scratch. Cool beans indeed. So basically, I told myself that I needed to come by to take a look to see what's their new venture about. With a little bit of Googling, I found the place - and a few websites that conveniently cut and pasted the exact same information about the resident chef from Sydney, Darren Farr, onto their own.

Anyway, I thought the food had room for improvement. Like the avocado with ricotta and and pomelo and almonds and olive oil on sourdough thing. While the ingredients were fresh and of quality (well...maybe the olive oil wasn't fruity), a generous drizzle of honey would have definitely brought the plate together some ways. Honey after all does work with every ingredient that they've piled up.

Scrambled eggs on the side were a little dry, but I wasn't complaining.

There was a veal schnitzel sandwich with grilled pineapple that sounded interesting from the menu. There was a bit too much going on there. The dominant flavor came from the pineapple which was really good grilled pineapple by the way. The rest of the ingredients were a mess. I couldn't taste the cheese, had difficulty in trying to identify the anchovy mayo which was mixed in with the said cheese and drowning out from the pineapple; and so forth. We also couldn't taste very much of the veal at all. For a meat that was lightweight in flavour that even lettuce could have contended with, it might not have been the best showcase. They could have used pork and most people would not have notice the difference in that incongruence. 

But I don't mind coming back.

Coffee's from Sarnies (meaning not too bad) and the staff was friendly. The menu has more to explore.

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Unknown said...

service good but food over rated

nice presentation but needs work on plain old simple taste