Saturday, July 19, 2014

Seng Huat ba chor mee and a piggy pork chop bun

I remember Seng Huat from some years back. I had initially thought that this shop (Seng Huat Coffee House, 811 Hougang Central, #01-206) was another ba chor mee place that went by the same name but after checking out the "accolades" they've stuck up their walls by a couple of commercial food blogs, I realised that it's that very same shop I had back then. Almost nothing seemed to have changed since. There's no more meatball now. The noodles were still an average bowl which wasn't outstanding in any particular way. I hear that these guys running the stall are the 3rd generation from the same family so I guess that's just the way their bowl works. With the weak vinegar and oddly, ikan bilis which couldn't be tasted once everything was tossed up.

In that very same coffeeshop, the drink stall sold these cute looking pork chop buns which I couldn't resist not ordering. With beady raisin eyes that challenged you to eat them and no less. It was actually a pretty decent piece of peppery pork chop between the buttered pig faced buns. Albeit a little thinly sliced. I would have done away with that sweet chilli sauce and mayo.

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