Sunday, July 13, 2014

The kani ramen from Keisuke Tokyo

I never got to try this crab stock ramen back at the old Keisuke Tokyo shop before Parco folded, so this was one of those bowls that I've been wanting to give a go. To be honest, I wasn't very impressed with this (3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-391/392 Suntec City Mall, tel : +65 6337 7919) like their shrimp based ramen. While there was genuine crustacean flavor infused into the broth, the base stock was a little too viscous to be enjoyable in volume. These flat noodles that were used are also not my thing. I also would prefer, a more robust crab intensity in the there. 

I'm inclined to think that I don't agree with Keisuke Takeda's shellfish broth noodles, but it certainly wasn't true for their Ise ebi tonkotsu broth they did a couple of months ago back at the Four Seasons shop which I thought was pretty damned good. I hope they bring that back.

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